The main goal of the project is to build models of all polyhedra in a collective endeavor (citizen art). Therefore, we have made available (for now) all polyhedra with up to nine vertices for adoption. You are invited to adopt an individual polyhedron, give it a name and then help it take shape by building a model.

With our project “Adopt a Polyhedron” we want to create an invitation to actively participate in mathematics with the building of geometric models as the focus. Models and their creation were a central mathematical discipline but have taken the backseat behind digital Visualization over the last decades. The hands-on approach of actually creating a physical object enables everyone to really grasp mathematics and geometry beyond abstract understanding.

Citizen Art

There is a “Citizen Science” movement going on that invites everyone to actively contribute to scientific research. As a result there is more transparency in the research process. We as mathematicians also wish to give an opportunity to participate. Since building models has a creative and therefore artistic facet and we want to highlight the bridge between math and art, we characterize our project under the notion of “Citizen Art”.